Teach, Coach, Live offers staffing evaluations, faculty culture surveys, faculty duty reviews, and creative solutions for boarding schools to maximize faculty potential in a way that best reflects the mission of your school and meets the needs of your students. Costs are tiered based on the extensiveness of services and the needs of the school. This can include, but is not limited to: survey questionnaires and data analysis, reviews of staffing models via data analysis and on-campus reviews, on-campus focus groups exploring faculty culture, solutions for staffing challenges, and comprehensive 360 degree reviews of staffing.

Given the cost of a boarding school education, schools are well aware of the need to communicate their value added component when marketing to future and current families. As well, schools are being pressured to hire and retain faculty who meet the increasing demands for expertise in multiple areas coming from parents. While the "triple-threat" educator remains a stalwart at most American boarding schools, the increased demands on both schools, in terms of hiring educators with specific expertise, and triple-threat faculty members to perform at increasingly high levels is putting pressure on this staffing model. With parents wanting academically accomplished teachers in classrooms, highly experienced coaches leading teams, and trained residential life staff overseeing pastoral care, the educators boarding schools hire have taken on an increasingly important, visible, and challenging role. How can schools meet the demands of parents while continuing to maintain the culture of their respective organizations? How can schools meet budget demands in view of the pressures from parents? Additionally, how can boarding schools do more to market the value of the triple-threat model to current and prospective families as a value-added proposition? Is the triple-threat model suitable given parental demands and shifts in how millennials view work/life balance?