The Launch

So here we go. I have been thinking about launching a consulting business dedicated to the triple threat educator since completing my dissertation in the spring of 2016 but wanted to find the right time and focus. So with the recent TABS conference allowing me a place to present my research with some amazing boarding school leaders (Mark Devey, Peter Quinn, and Phil Peck) the time seemed right. To me, the triple threat teacher is the essence of what we do. We are multi-talented, hard-working, student-focused, gifted educators who quietly work for years polishing our craft and influencing countless numbers of students, athletes, artists, and young people in general. Triple threat educators are a special group. Living life in full view of each other and the students we educate takes a unique persona. Not for the faint of heart or introverted, triple threat educators work long hours and value the lifestyle and community the model offers. It is this model that defines boarding schools. At a time when adult influence seems to be in short supply, triple threat teachers continue to exemplify the best of what humans can offer. An honest and open model from which young people can learn. Not contrived. Not hidden. Real life. Real time.